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As part of Next Day Garage Door’s continuing blog series to help homeowners stay informed about all things garage doors, we are offering a special deal for all our followers. Next Day Garage Door is a team of expert professionals who provide five-star garage door repair service all at an affordable price.

We would like to think of ourselves as the absolute best garage door company in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Next Day Garage Door technicians are providing top-notch garage door repairs in Alexandria, VA, garage door installations in Waldorf, MD, and all throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

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In many cases, a garage door can be repaired back to perfect working order quite affordably and very quickly. There are times, however, when it’s best to replace your garage door. How do you know when to repair and when to replace it? 

Common Garage Door Repairs Seen in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Garage doors usually need repairs every so often as they are mechanical and it is natural that mechanical, moving parts wear out or become damaged. Common garage door repairs in Maryland include:

  • Replacing garage door springs: torsion/extension springs, hinges, brackets, rollers, or cables
  • Repairing a bent or damaged garage door track
  • Correcting doors that are off track or crooked
  • Repairing or replacing garage door openers
  • Replacing weather strips or seals
  • Regular tune-ups or maintenance
  • Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

If the repairs are more intensive or costly then it may be time to replace your garage door. You should consider the following factors when deciding whether it’s time to repair or replace. If you’re garage door repair in Alexandria is extensive, consider the following garage door tips:

  1. Severe Damage – Garage doors can be damaged by the weather, vehicle accidents, rust, and a whole list of other things. If the damage is severe, it may be impossible to repair.
  2. Repaired Often – It may be time to replace your garage door if it needs to be repaired frequently. This could be the same repair, such as fixing the track or rollers, or perhaps there’s just always something new that needs to be fixed. By replacing it with a new door, you can prevent the need for numerous, costly repairs.
  3. No Safety Features – New safety features are an excellent reason to replace your garage door, especially if you have young children in the home. Using motion detection, the door can stop or even reverse motion if something is below or passes in front of the door as it’s closing. This can prevent unnecessary injuries.
  4. Not Energy Efficient – New garage doors and garage door openers are much more energy-efficient than ones even just a few years old. If your system is older and facing repairs anyway, it could be time for an upgrade.
  5. The Age of the Door – As a garage door ages, it will naturally need more repairs. If it is getting older and has needed repairs lately, you can replace your garage door and avoid the need for future repairs due to mechanical failure.
  6. More Cost-Effective – If the cost of the necessary repairs is higher than replacing the door, it makes more sense to choose a new one. Even if the repairs aren’t more than a new door, but are still quite high, the benefits of replacing it could outweigh paying for the repairs.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, Next Day Garage Door is here to help. We have a wide variety of different style garage doors to choose from and would be happy to help answer any questions you have about them. Next Day Garage Door prides itself on providing exemplary customer services.

We take every measure to ensure you are satisfied with all your garage door installation and repair needs and will do whatever it takes to earn your business and remain lifelong clients.

We pride ourselves on being large enough to provide professionalism and reliability, yet small enough to provide personalized service.

To discover more about how we can serve your needs, please visit our website, or call us at (571)-327-6285 or (301)-500-0475 today.