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Things to Consider when planning your Next Home Improvement Project!

As part of Next Day Garage Door’s continued blog series to help homeowners stay informed about all things garage doors, we are offering a special deal for all our followers.

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“Welcome to COVID-19!” Delayed and back-ordered garage doors and parts have become the new normal; much of this can be attributed to the worldwide pandemic. According to door manufacturers, the pandemic is the most influential factor affecting lead times.

However, there are several trickle-down components linked to the pandemic that also need to be considered. Temporary shutdowns + steady flow = delays. When coronavirus first hit, many garage door companies (even some of the best garage door companies in Virginia) had to temporarily furlough employees to implement COVID protocols.

The goal was to get people safely back to work as soon as possible. However, there are four key reasons why delays are still happening: 

  1. Sick and exposed employees – Manufacturers reported that employees continue to get sick and/or exposed to COVID-19, a factor that is out of their control. 
  2. Unpredictable supply chain – Unfortunately, it’s not just manufacturers’ employees who are getting sick. Suppliers’ employees and trucking companies’ employees are also getting sick. This inevitably leads to more delays. The biggest material affecting supply chains is Steel.
  3. Availability of raw materials – Every manufacturer reported that the limited steel supply is directly linked to their extended lead times. Manufacturers said that the availability of steel is making delays harder to predict. If you Google “steel shortages,” you can see that the current steel supply situation is serious and nationwide. 
  4. Increased demand for industry products – The fourth factor contributing to longer lead times is actually a good problem to have. Manufacturers from various sectors and countries have reported increased demand for door products. This trend is great news for the industry but difficult to manage during a worldwide pandemic. 

Homeowner, it is important to consider these four factors when planning your next garage door replacement and installation project. Upgrading a garage door is an ideal project for these times. It is an exterior project that does not require workers to be inside the home. Plus, it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, and it offers a fantastic return on your investment.

At Next Day Garage Door, our team of expert technicians is carefully monitoring the status of this situation. Lead times for all garage door replacements in Virginia are constantly updated. 

If you are in the market for a new garage door, Next Day Garage Door is here to help. We have a wide variety of different style garage doors to choose from and would be happy to help answer any questions you have about them. Next Day Garage Door prides itself on providing exemplary customer services.

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