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As part of Next Day Garage Door’s continued blog series to help homeowners stay informed about all things garage doors, we are offering a special deal for all our followers.

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Garage doors in Alexandria VA are everyday items that are constantly working behind the scenes unnoticed, opening and closing on demand. An easy way to enter the home. A safe place to store our vehicles behind. But with daily use, these doors go through a lot of wear and tear.

And if you haven’t added your garage doors to your regular household maintenance plan, there may come a day when you are faced with garage door spring problems, or garage door torsion spring repair may be needed.

So if your garage doors are taking an age to open or even getting stuck and not opening at all, you may be facing garage door spring replacement. The garage Door was Broken and needed a garage door spring repair.

Maybe one of the doors has become dislodged from the track? Maybe you have a problem with your remote (we’re holding thumbs)? But perhaps it’s more serious, and the issue is with your garage door springs.

Like most items that live out in the elements, garage door springs become susceptible to problems during extreme weather, and regular maintenance is key to keep them running in tip-top shape.

This post looks at a few of the reasons you may be having garage door spring problems. Here are our top 4 reasons garage door spring repair is needed:

1. Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

A garage door torsion spring is usually the first to go on your garage doors. If you are around when it breaks, you will know all about it because it makes a loud noise similar to a firecracker.

If your doors aren’t staying open, you’re probably dealing with a tension issue. If it’s opening a few inches and then stopping, then it’s probably a broken spring. It’s dangerous to open your garage doors with a broken garage door torsion spring. Make a call for garage door spring repair as soon as possible.

2. Squeaky Garage Door Spring Repair

Do you notice that your garage door springs are noisy? Is the sound driving you mad? Sometimes, it can just be an annoying noise and not a problem for your garage doors. But other times, it can be a sign that you have a more severe problem on your hands. Garage Door Not Working.

By calling for an assessment of your garage doors, the experts can apply lubricant, test your garage doors, and diagnose the real problem. If they find everything is A-okay, invest in some good garage door spring oil and apply every six months or so on the noisy springs.

3. Snapped Cables on Garage Doors Spring Repair

Above the tracks on both sides of your garage doors are extension springs. These springs have safety cables on each side running through the springs. Garage Doors Maryland What they do is help control the extension springs.

If you have a problem with your safety cables – perhaps one snaps or comes loose somehow – there will then be nothing controlling your extension springs. This will affect the functioning of your garage doors.

4. Garage Door Spring Repair Tension Issues 

Is your door opening, but very slowly? This is most likely a tension issue with your springs. The spring may be worn or need a simple adjustment from your local garage door company. With time, torsion springs eventually stretch and become less effective.

Garage Door Repair DC. But luckily, this issue is quite simple to fix, but we don’t recommend trying it yourself. The springs are under a lot of tension and trying to repair them yourself can be hazardous.

The life expectancy of a garage door spring can only be calculated in cycles, but you can easily translate that to a time estimate. The average home opens and closes a garage door four times daily, and, with a 10,000-cycle torsion spring, this translates to a lifespan of approximately seven years.

Thus, high-cycle springs can have lifespans that last from 14 to 20 years. Garage Door Spring Repair requires attention. 

Garage door springs are small but essential parts of the door assembly. It’s crucial to ensure they are properly lubricated, securely fastened, and operating at 100 percent. If this is not something you think you can tackle independently, regular maintenance by a reputable garage door repair company is the way forward.

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