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Many of our customers call us to inquire about price estimates for various garage door repair services they may need in Alexandria, VA. How much a garage door repair costs is truly dependent on a myriad of factors. 

Our experts at Next Day Garage Door will try our very best to provide such pricing details over the phone. However, without having one of our expert technicians survey and inspect the garage door repair in Alexandria, VA, it is tough to be 100% correct. 

Regardless, by calling Next Day Garage Door at (301)-500-0475 or (571)-327-6285 we will try our best to inform our customer how much their garage door repair may be. In the meantime, 

we will try to tackle three of the most common cost related garage door inquiries we receive to help better assist our future customers: (1) How much is a garage door replacement? (2) How much is a garage door opener replacement? and (3) How much is a garage door spring repair?

Average garage door repair costs in Alexandria, VA can range between $49 and $799. It is truly dependent on various factors such as the extent of the damage, the size of the garage door, the standardization of the garage door, and the weight of the garage door. These factors will eventually dictate the final cost of a garage door repair. 

How much is a garage door replacement in Alexandria, VA?

If you park in your home’s garage, chances are the garage door is the way you usually enter your home. Garage doors get a lot of use every day, helping to secure what is inside while also enhancing the curb appeal. 

Your garage door can be made of many materials, operate in several ways, and come in many styles, all of which impact the total cost of a new door installation. The average cost range for a new, sectional steel garage door installation is between $900 and $5,000, with most homeowners spending around $2,000 on a new door and installation. 

However, it is important to note that how much a garage door replacement in Alexandria VA is entirely dependent on the type of door, included features, and size. For example, the cost of a garage door replacement of a double door with no windows and insulation usually runs between $1,400 and $1,900, depending on the exact dimensions. 

How much is a garage door opener replacement in Alexandria, VA?

Like Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers vary by type, size, and included features. For Garage Door Repair Maryland, it is important for us to know what features you are looking for that we can provide the most suitable options. 

While all garage doors can typically be opened manually, most people opt to have an opener installed. This automatically raises or lowers an overhead door or opens up a set of carriage doors. So how much does a garage door opener replacement in Alexandria, VA cost? 

Garage door openers come in many forms to meet the needs of different garage door types and have costs ranging from $350 – $950 for most chain drive and belt drive overhead openers (of course, these prices include all installation costs as well).

How much is a garage door spring repair in Next Day Garage Door?

Garage doors have several moving parts, including the door springs that help raise and lower the door. These springs do eventually break down, leaving the door inoperable. When this happens, it’s time to repair or replace the damaged parts. 

One of the most common questions we get at Next Day Garage Door is how much does a garage door spring repair in Alexandria VA? The cost to repair a garage door is typically more affordable than installing a new garage door. Often, a garage door repair simply requires fixing a broken spring. 

The average cost to repair a garage door spring is $180, but prices range from $100 to $350 if the installer must disassemble the brackets to reach the springs. More often, it’s not possible to repair the garage door springs. In this case, you’ll need to know how much a garage door spring replacement in Alexandria VA will be. 

Replacing garage door springs costs between $199 and $499 for a professional to complete the job. It is important to note that springs are always replaced in pair and this is included in part of the costs associated. Also, this includes the cost of the spring, which ranges from $60 to $150 for a torsion springs and $15 to $55 for an extension springs. 

Next Day Garage Door is servicing garage door repairs and replacement in Waldorf and other cities in Maryland. It is also servicing residential garage door repairs in Washington, DC and Virginia. 

We offer an extensive list of products from some of the industry’s best manufacturer’s such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Clopay, and Amarr. Because of this, we can easily say with confidence that Garage Door Repair Maryland and our products lead other garage door companies in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC in quality, affordability, and reliability. 

From snapped cables to broken springs to damaged doors, we have seen it all. Next Day Garage Door will have your garage door system running flawlessly again. Think about how many times your garage door opens and closes without any issues in a day, a week, a month, or even in a year. 

We are here for those unpredictable times when problem arise. For more information about Next Day Garage Door, call us today at (301)-500-0475 or (571)-327-6285 or visit us online at